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March 24, 2019

INFO Step 1: Specify Item

INFO Step 2: Specify Item Name

INFO Step 3: Specify Item Category

INFO Step 4: Specify in stock Quantity

INFO Step 5: Specify Shipping Costs

INFO Step 6: Specify Item Options

INFO Step 7: Specify Cost

INFO Step 8: Specify Item Description

INFO Step 9: Save Changes

INFO Step 10: Add Item Picture

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INFO Step 1: Specify Item

Step 1a should be used when selecting an existing item. Simply select the item and click the Go button. Them items in the list are sorted alphabetically by Item Number. Numeric Item Numbers do not sort properly unless padded with zeros. For example, here is a list of sorted item numbers without padding: 1, 10, 12, 15, 19, 2, 22. If the same list was padded with zeros the same list would be sorted as follows: 01, 02, 12, 15, 19, 22. If your Item Numbers start with letters this is not an issue.

Step 1b should be used when adding a new item. If an existing item is already being viewed, a new duplicate of that item can be created by changing the Item number in 1b to a new item number and then clicking on Add/Update in Step 9. The picture associated with the original item is not duplicated to the new item. The picture needs to be reinserted for the new item.

The Item Number of an Item cannot be changed. If an Item number is wrong a new item must be created with the correct Item Number and the old Item entry must be deleted.

Item Numbers must consist of alphanumeric only - letters and numbers only.